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Faculty Member-Information System
Faculty Member-Physical Education
PCB Prototyping Technician
Math and Physics College Instructor
Engineering Instructors
Laboratory Specialist-Metal Woodworks and Fabrication Specialist
Faculty Member for College of Arts-English
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Faculty Member-Information System

Applicant count: 21
Posting date: Dec 11, 2019 until Jul 31, 2020


  1. Complies/implements/ School rules and guidelines embodied in the Faculty Manual and the Terms and Conditions of Faculty Employment.
  2. Implements TIP Outcomes-Based Education/Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning.
  3. Use the instructor’s Guide/Weekly Lesson Activity Plan (WLAP) on the assigned subject and recommend revision when needed subject approval of the Program Chair.
  4. Conducts classroom instruction on the subjects indicated in the official teaching load for the semester in accordance with the School’s standards and policies.
  5. Maintains effective classroom management through orderliness and cleanliness in the classrooms and inculcates student discipline.
  6. Evaluates student’s academic performance and submits the Official Report of Grades/other reports to the Program Chair on scheduled submission dates.
  7. Upgrades educational qualifications and teaching competence through graduate studies and professional seminars on pedagogical methods and strategies.
  8. Participates in the revision/ development of the syllabi, WLAP, instructional material.
  9. Participates in Research and Community Outreach activities.
  10. Helps recruit qualified faculty members.
  11. Attends and participates in departmental and administrative meetings and in authorized school activities.
  12. Conducts students advising.
  13. Assesses realization of Student outcomes and helps in the assessment of Program Educational Objectives.
  14. Responsible for the safety and evacuation of students in his classroom during drills and actual emergency situations, taking necessary actions to prevent panic.
  15. Performs other functions as may be required by the Program Chair.


    Human Resources Department

    MANILA CAMPUS 363 P. Casal St., Quiapo, Manila
    [email protected]
    (02) 733-91-17 loc. 125
    QUEZON CITY CAMPUS 938 Aurora Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City
    [email protected]
    (02) 911-09-64 loc. 564
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